Company profile

Company profile

We are „different“ – TN Trade (Try New Trade)

TN Trade Company was founded in 1993 as a purely Czech private company. TNTrade is dealing with the distribution of computer peripherals and accessories since 1996. Gradually expanded its range to other commodities and today offer includes several hundred thousand products represented dozens of manufacturers. In a number of commodities holds a leading position on the market. We import products mainly from Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore), but also other parts of the world such as USA, Canada and European Union countries.

Management of the Company – stability guarantee

Company TN Trade ltd. since 1993 leads its owner, sales and marketing director in one person: Pavel Marek.

TN Trade Team - professionalism without compromise

Management has an experienced team that handles everything from logistics, pre-sales care, and private sales to after-sales care, service, or marketing professional to build successful brands represented. We pride ourselves on the fact that the team must work as a team, from technicians to management. Most employees works in TN Trade for several years.

Head office – we are czech company

The company is based in Hradec Králové, but our office, designed especially for smaller local customers, you can also find in Prague. So if you want to contact management, you can find it in Hradec Králové, where we can focus on your needs.

We are not dealers, we are distributors – logistics and value

TN Trade Company is focused on representing manufacturers and brands on the market. We have several thousand square meters of warehouses avilable and gradually expand the area. Best selling products are in stock in the thousands of pieces per model. TN Trade Company now has four own stores in the Czech and Slovak Republic with a capacity of several tens thousands of cubic meters. All storage facilities are property of our real estate division. We are not charged any rent to third parties, but rather a large part of the funds are going into real estate and land, and thus we belong among one of the most stable distribution companies in the Czech and Slovak. Aim of company is not to compete with important Czech and Slovak distributors, our aim is to enrich their assortment with hundreds of interesting products.

Company aim – stabile partnership

TN Trade Company aims to build long-term quality mainly industrial relationships with their suppliers, customers and partners that lead to greater enforcement of represented brands on the market. The aim is to offer more than the others: longevity, solidity, stability, everything what successful brand needs. This journey never ends, there is still room for improvement, so that our customers are satisfied. For us speak representing a significant expansion of brands on the market in the Czech and Slovak Republic. TN Trade does not want to compete with the major distributors in the Czech and Slovak Republic, while enriching the range of hundreds of exciting products from the distribution of the portfolio company.

Our divisions – we expand and specialize

TN Trade company splits in 2014 its activities into several divisions, which in the future will be profiled. Individual divisions will try our best to promote in each field. For each initial divisions select Computers, Electronics, Home, Office, Photo - Video, Lighting, Toys, Relaxation, Sports, Tools, Auto - Moto, Pets, Services, and more.

Our customers – through all channels

The company's customers include all major IT distributors in the Czech and Slovak Republic, prominent e-tailer (online stores) or large enterprises and authorities, several hundred medium-sized companies and thousands of small dealers and end users. A large number of customers buy at our good partners or vendors, and we care about their welfare advice and information. VIP customers gets transportation to their stores for free, credits, protection and storage services, which are intended to ensure a seamless distribution or sale of products distributed by us. With the majority of business partners maintain friendly relations, where the word of our company is more than the law.

Marketing – we want to be visible

The company consistently builds TN Trade image and the position represented brands on the market. We have very good relationships with dozens of online and print media, and most of them are also supported with ads, classifieds and an extensive system of lending products to journalists and laboratories. We know well that if no one knows about us, it is difficult to sell, even though its competitors exceeds the price, quality and unique technical solutions. Our promotion with the introduction of exciting products from the range can be found in virtually every scientific journal printed and online media. Emphasis is placed on cooperation with all who are involved, testers and reviewers, products are shipped on regular basis to editors or reviewers. Customers who require it in the registration process, receive our newsletter regularly. We also organize a number of promotions and contests.

On-line system – 24 hours daily for you

TN TRADE company operates an information system that allows the automatic data and information transfer to our customers. The system includes descriptions, images and stock availability. The system informs you of news and reviews. Monthly, the system is used by up to 60,000 customers from the Czech Republic. A similar system is also available for the Slovak Republic and other countries. Using this system, our customers can not only order the goods and track their orders, but they can also watch resolving claims automatically, update prices in their systems or to add the news. In the future, we plan to significantly expand online services and information to our customers.

Import – longterm experience

TN Trade Company imports almost 20 years mainly from production lines in Asia. Part of goods are is imported also from European warehouses and suppliers from overseas.

Export – Proffesionality not only in Czech

TN Trade Company acts for certain manufacturers as a distribution partner for the Czech or for Czech and Slovak Republics, for others as their European logistics partner or distributor.

Finance – we are strong

TN TRADE company is not burdened by loans from third parties and in the future and intends to finance access. Our motto in this area is "want only what you can afford”

Partnership – the cooperation leads to aim

A number of companies promises to their customers or suppliers unrealistic goals or results. However, we are different. We know that success is hidden in particular for the consistent long-term sturdiness. We do not promise a fantastic numbers, talking in real terms, for which we stand. If you are looking promises, then our company is not right partner for your. However, if you are looking for reliability, performance agreements and long-term stability, you are at the right address.

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